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Gamabox covers the full range of game creation needs. Thanks to our skill-set, we provide services for any or all stages of a mobile game creation process, of the highest quality. We can accompany you throughout the whole fascinating journey of game creation, from the idea to the launching.

Our Services

Gamabox provides:

Game Concept

  • Understanding market trends and creativity are the two main ingredients behind our ideas.

Game Design

  • Designing the content and rules of a game before the production stage. A clear design of gameplay, environment, storyline and characters makes the production stage shorter and more efficient.

Game Production

  • Development of the game choosing the adequate tools following the needs of the game.


  • Integrating multiple languages in a game, including right to left languages. The localization goes deeper with localization of sounds, characters and story.

Quality Assurance

  • Providing a well polished game is the key to success. Polish phase guarantees a quality and addictive game.

Promotional Materials

  • Let us create supporting materials for your game. We will produce eye catching marketing materials from the icon to the screenshots in the stores to advertising materials. Maximizing the visual impact of promotional materials will excel the game’s discoverability.


  • Setting up accounts on the stores, setting up the game’s description with the visual materials, submitting the game to the stores, ..

Game Updates

  • Keeping the flow of updates to increase the game’s lifecycle and maximize revenues.


We use the Scrum agile production methodology, for its flexibility and its ability to encourage involvement of the whole team.


When it comes to choosing the suitable technology, Gamabox has a wide choice thanks to the expertise of the team:

  • Defender: our cross-platform in-house engine. Code once, run everywhere: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux!
  • Cordova/HTML5
  • Native iOS and Android

The choice of the technology depends on the requirements of the game and the desired distribution platforms.


Check out our portfolio to discover some games we already developed and published.